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Fed Up and Ready to Stop Spam?

Join Remove Me Now Today! 

The easy to use anti-spam service for all email users.  

Only $2.95 for a 30-day trial!


Summary of Member Benefits



Remove Me is a low-cost member service for everyday email users who don't want to receive or deal with junk mail.  This service is dedicated to stop unsolicited and unwanted commercial email, (a.k.a. "spam"), from reaching its users' email programs, and be hassle-free to use.  These users desire to receive no unsolicited email whatsoever, and they join this  outstanding service at $9.95 per month to achieve those objectives.

Remove Me Now members include users who once received over 1,000 junk emails daily, but have not received a single piece of junk mail since they began using our service in November 2003.  Moreover, no member has been required to do any anti-spam work, or deal with it at all.  

Unfortunately, in spite of all the products that claim to free email users from it, spam continues to be one of emailers' most persistent menaces.  After spending much of their time in unsuccessful attempts to get rid of spam, many (perhaps most) email users have given up and merely resigned themselves to receiving it.  That is not the case with our members, however.  For any email user who has "had enough" and genuinely wishes to get rid of spam for long periods of time, we invite you to join Remove Me Now today,  and achieve success with no hassles for less than the price of one (1) fast food lunch each month!

Are you tired of seeing junk mail arrive in your email program and sorting through the various boxes to figure out what is legitimate email and what is junk?  Are you fed up with investing your time adjusting filters to get results from your anti-spam software?  After these time investments, do you ask why are you still seeing spam each time you open your email account?  Spend just $2.95 for a 30-day trial and see how Remove Me Now gets rid of spam as advertised!  Don't buy into the notion that everyone online has to put up with spam, because it simply is not true for our members.  

How much time each month are you spending to deal with spam?  Spending just 5 minutes a day to deal with it adds up to about 140 minutes or nearly 2 1/2 hours a month of your time!   How much does that really cost you, if your time is worth at least $10 or more per hour?  Moreover, our service will stop your spam for long periods of time.  Can the same be said about your current efforts?

We invite you to compare your real cost of fighting spam to that of our service, which, after setup, will free you from spending virtually any time at all dealing with spam.  If not completely satisfied, cancel your account at any time with no strings attached.  Since we don't require you to install software, there will be no possibility of residual files left on your computer after an un-installation if you decide to discontinue the service.   

If you really want to get rid of spam for long periods of time, join Remove Me Now and watch the results!  Merely follow our easy to follow setup instructions, which will contain your new Remove Me Now email address, and use your email normally.  We get a report card each time you open your email account and observe how it contains all your legitimate email, but no spam.  If we don't deliver as promised, just cancel your membership with no harm done to you or your computer, because there is no software to uninstall.  It's virtually a no-lose proposition.  

Note: Do not allow anyone to convince you that modifying your email address is as difficult and inconvenient as relocating your residence from one place to another.  The fact is that each year about one-third of all email addresses are changed, for a variety of reasons, including fighting spam.  (Source:  If, for example, the online access information (username / password) to your bank checking account were somehow compromised, you would not hesitate to change it to keep unwanted visitors out.  Adopting a similar view of your email address and joining Remove Me Now will help you prevent spammers from invading your privacy, from possibly rendering your computer useless by sending you destructive worms or viruses, from wasting your time, and spare you the time and effort of working to get rid of them.  

With Remove Me Now, once your new member email account is installed,  your spam will stop and you will not be required to do any work to keep it away.   We continue to stop virtually 100% of spam for our users, some since late 2003.   We believe that kind of track record speaks volumes about our service.   

For less than $10 per month, Remove Me Now is offering email users an anti-spam service that will stop their spam, and requires no anti-spam work from them to get results.   

There is no software to learn and use.  No technical manual, and no special computer or technical knowledge are required.  Our product's low price, its proven effectiveness, and its effortless ease of use are indeed  breakthroughs for email users desiring quick and lasting spam relief.

To quickly stop spam, just follow the brief, simple, setup instructions we provide members after joining, and launch our system.  That's it!  After this initial installation, the spam will stop.  Our system does all the work for you, in the background, while you use your email normally.  Once you begin using our service, we believe you will agree that joining Remove Me was one of the best online purchase decisions you have ever made. 

In addition to quickly removing you from spammers' mailing lists, and protecting you from future spam, we also cut into their spamming revenue by bouncing back their messages.  Most spammers do not get paid on bounced back mailings, and we believe that removing the financial incentive for spamming is essential if the battle against spam is to be won by email users.  That's great news for you, but bad news for spammers!   However, you can be certain that any spam which presently arrives anywhere in your email program is not being bounced back, and it really does not matter to the spammer if you delete it because they still get paid, since the spam was actually delivered to one of your mailboxes.  Since they get paid anyway, that merely gives spammers an ongoing incentive to send you even more spam!   Remove Me Now prevents spammers from benefiting in this manner by bouncing all their junk mail back to them, and you don't need to spend any of your time examining or deleting it.

So far spammers have had the advantage.  That is, until now.  If you are tired of spam and ready for an effective solution that gets rid of spam,  Join Remove Me Now today, and the results you achieve will speak for themselves.

Registration & Membership                       

Joining Remove Me is easy, simple, and inexpensive.  Just click on the "JOIN NOW" link below, fill out the registration form on the next page, and once completed the cost is only $9.95 per month, with multiple pay options.   As indicated above, members unhappy with their results can cancel their membership at any time.

A username and password will be issued to each member for identification by one of our authorized merchants.  The username and password will provide access to the site's Members Area and member services.

Your email address and member information are secure with Remove Me, and they will never be sold or shared with any outside marketing agency.  


Member Services                                                   

 With their username and password, members can enter our protected members area and obtain our easy to follow instructions to implement our spam blocker system.  

Some anti-spam products may cost less initially, but most require a significant commitment of your time to achieve results.  Once you have spent the time necessary to make those products work, just compare their true cost to our service, which requires virtually no work after installation.

Our goal is to stop the junk mail from arriving in your inbox as quickly as possible, and relieve you of the burden of using your time to stop spam, all for only $9.95 per month.







NoticeIf you have been sent to this website via a spoof popup, a spoof link or other spoof reference in an unsolicited communication to get "removed", it is a hoax, intentionally done as a "dirty trick" by the spammer who actually sent the communication.  These are common spammer tactics used to falsely implicate innocent third-parties and redirect attention and investigation away from the spammer.  

Although Remove Me Now can stop spam from arriving in its members' email, unfortunately, there is no known way of stopping the sending of spam, and/or the use of these dirty tricks by spammers.  Also, if you are unprotected, it is likely you will continue to receive spam.  

What would be their motive for playing these dirty tricks, you might ask?  Well, if a spammer can convince recipients that their spoof link or referral is legitimate, they can also make the recipients angry and wary of joining Remove Me Now, which is extremely effective at stopping their spam from reaching its members, with virtually no anti-spam work, as described above.  Since spammers get paid on each spam mail that appears anywhere in your email program or in any of your email boxes (not just on the spam that is opened and responded to), their motive is clearly to continue making money at your expense.  Given our effectiveness against them, these spammer tactics strongly suggest that Remove Me Now is the anti-spam service the spoofing spammers least want you to use.  

If you are the recipient of spoofing spam, we suggest using the tools we describe in the "Spam Fraud" section of our FAQs to trace the spam mail to its sending ISP and file a complaint with that ISP.  If you are unfamiliar with these tools, we suggest contacting your ISP for assistance to expose the spam's routing information and then filing the complaint.  The process of identifying the sending ISP and sending them a complaint will confirm that the spam was not sent by Remove Me Now.  Once you complete this simple process and confirm that someone else is spamming you, we then invite you join our service and stop the spam for good.  Don't just get angry about spam--defy the spammers and join an anti-spam service that gets them out of your life.

 Remove Me Now advertises exclusively through internet search engines and with links to legitimate websites providing a variety of online services.  Remove Me Now does not send unsolicited email or participate in any promotions by third-parties or email marketers.  Remove Me Now does not assist, or otherwise provide services in any manner to those sending unsolicited email, and this includes not assisting them in "removing" those receiving unsolicited email from the senders' mailing lists.  Remove Me Now provides an anti-spam service for everyday email users only.  We are your ally, not theirs.  Any and all references to Remove Me Now in any unsolicited email are fraudulent misrepresentations by those sending the unsolicited email, and a small amount of investigating by recipients to trace the spam's routing information to the sending ISP, and the filing of a complaint with that ISP will confirm our non-involvement.  

Any individual or entity found to be using this site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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